Hytera two-way radio DMR trunking system

Hytera™ - Analog Two-way Radio

We offer a full suite of of premium digital DMR two-way radios and services.

Analog radios have been the go to solution for a very long time. Digital is the future for two-way radios, but digital radios are not always needed an/or desired for use in smaller applications and we can help you decide what solution is best suited to your application.

Revolution offers a full suite of of premium analog two-way radios and services within Fort McMurray and surrounding area. We’d gladly provide your project with our Sales and Installation Services. And, for larger and/or more complicated installs requiring more detail and planning provide System Design, Path + Coverage Studies, and Project Management.

Portable Two-Way Radios

Hytera TC-320 two-way radio Fort McMurray


UHF | 4 Watt | 16 Channel | Analog

Hytera TC-508 two-way radio Fort McMurray


VHF/UHF | 5 Watt | 16 Channel | Analog

Hytera TC-518 two-way radio Fort McMurray


VHF/UHF | 5 Watt | 166 Channel | Analog

Hytera TC-580 two-way radio Fort McMurray


VHF/UHF | 5 Watt | 256 Channel | Analog

Hytera TC-610 two-way radio Fort McMurray


VHF/UHF | 5 Watt | 16 Channel | Analog

Hytera TC-780 two-way radio Fort McMurray


VHF/UHF | 5 Watt | 256 Channel | Analog

Mobile Two-Way Radios

Hytera TM600 two-way radio Fort McMurray


VHF/UHF | 25 Watt | 8 Channel | Analog

TM-610 two-way radio Fort McMurray


VHF/UHF | 25 Watt | 128 Channel | Analog

HYT TM-628H two-way radio Fort McMurray


VHF/UHF | 50 Watt | 128 Channel | Analog

What solution will work work for you? Let us help you decide.