Revolution Communications Solutions - Leaders in Wireless

About Us

Revolution Communication Solutions is a telecommunications company that is constantly improving and aggressively evolving to keep our customers at the front line of communication technology. We design, supply, install, maintain, and manage a wide variety of wired and wireless telecommunications systems. With a high level of experience in the communication industry, we possess the experience, knowledge, products, and services to accommodate all commercial, industrial, governmental, enterprise, and institutional clients.

We encompass a broad range of services and solutions including;

  • Tower(s) – Rental/Sales/Service/Installation/Inspection/Crews
  • SCADA – Sales/Service/Installation/Design
  • Microwave (licensed & unlicensed) – Rental/Sales/Service/Installation/Design
  • 2-Way Radio (P25, Tetra, DMR, NXDN, IDAS, Analog) – Rental/Sales/Service/Installation/Design
  • RF Engineering and Data Networking Solutions
  • AVL Systems – Rental/Sales/Service/Installation
  • Dispatch Systems – Sales/Service/Installation/Design
  • Satellite Phones and Data – Sales/Service/Installation/Design
  • Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA or Booster) Systems – Rental/Sales/Service/Installation/Design
  • Structured Cabling – Sales/Service/Installation/Design

Offering products from:

  • Hytera™
  • Surecall™
  • Wilson™
  • weBoost™
  • Cambium™ Networks
  • Redline™ Communications
  • DragonWave™ Inc.
  • Ubiquiti™ Networks
  • Ruckus™ Wireless
  • Iridium™

Our dedication, versatility, and broad range allow us to supply our customers with customized, cost effective, and reliable integrated solutions to meet their individual needs while providing unparalleled customer service and support.